Chuck Knows Church

Chuck Knows Church is an online video series that help interpret complex subjects and issues in a fun, yet informative, way. Each series features “Chuck” who helps us learn more about our church while inviting us to have deeper conversation with our pastor.

The ORIGINAL SERIES is all about the objects, symbols and terms we often hear in church. Take a couple of minutes each week and have some fun while you learn from Chuck.

  • Lord's Prayer

    It's the most common prayer spoken in church each Sunday. But where does it come from? And what does it mean?

  • Cross

    Why the cross rather than the fish for the accepted Christian symbol? Do you know? And why are there two types of crosses: one in catholic churches and another in protestant churches?

  • Communion

    This is the first of a three-part series about communion. Always good to know the basics about the first of two sacraments, right?

  • Sign of the Fish

    Ever wonder why the symbol of a fish is inside many church sanctuaries? Smile and learn with Chuck as he explains the meaning and history of the fish symbol in the Christian church. Chuck is talking about fish on his third show.

  • Lamb of God

    Lamb of God. It's a title for Jesus that appears in the Gospel of John. Is that all you know? And how does it tie into the Old Testament?

  • UMC Logo

    The cross and flame logo of The United Methodist Church is a mark known the world over. But what is the meaning and history of this interesting logo?

  • Jesus the Carpenter

    Jesus' earthly father Joseph was a carpenter (Matthew 13:55 & Mark 6:3). The Greek word is Teckton which means builder. Is that all we know about Jesus' work before he was known as Jesus Christ?

  • Hymnal

    "Turn in your hymnal to page...." Heard that before in church? Chuck digs into the book usually within an arm's length each Sunday. And he starts it all off with a solo.

  • Offering Plate

    Do you know the history of taking up an offering? Didn't think so. Chuck gives you the facts and a few blunders. Stay tuned to the very end for a surprise.

  • Confession of Sins

    What exactly, is sin, and why is it so important that we confess our sins?

  • Blessing

    What does it mean to give someone a blessing?

  • Pulpit vs. Lectern

    Ever wonder why there are two podiums inside many church sanctuaries? Smile and learn with Chuck as he explains the pulpit and the lectern!