We are Real


Colby is a safe place to bring your questions and curiosities, regardless of your background. You will find a community of people who want to experience God together with every opinion and struggle.

We are a real people of faith, committed to a common vision, joined together in a covenant of love of our Creator. We believe in a multicultural ministry, who's sole intention is to reach our community for Jesus Christ.

We firmly believe that you should come as you are to the feet of Jesus, for He is capable of transforming a broken heart into a blooming soul that brings Him joy.

Our gatherings are very casual but we make it a priority to focus our attention on God's Word and give Him all the glory in all that we do.

We are an Easter People

During Holy Week we commemorate and recall to mind the 7-last days of Jesus earthly life that leads to the Resurrection to eternal life.

•Palm Sunday: Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem, hailed as the Messiah.

•Maundy Thursday: The Upper Room where Jesus instituted Holy Communion; the Last Supper.

•Good Friday: The death of Jesus, the Crucifixion on the Cross.

•Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive, He Has Risen from the Dead.

Now more than ever, our world needs to experience anew the Gospel of life and love through Jesus. God is alive and ours is a HOPE THAT NEVER FAILS.