The History of Colby United Methodist Church

  • 1884: Religious services were instituted by families of early settlers to the Yukon Harbor area, with services held first in homes, later in the school house.
  • 1886: The congregation gets its first pastor, a “circuit rider” who showed up monthly. Church historians note this as a huge founding date.
  • 1904: The Methodist Society buys land and builds a small church near Curley Creek on what is now Banner Road.
  • 1905 to 1923: Membership ranges from seven to 20 members. Sunday school classes begin.
  • 1923: Members buy land off of Southworth Drive, where the church sits today.
  • 1924 to 1940: Membership remains low. The church becomes the hub of community events.
  • 1940 to 1955: With World War II, many people move to the area, supported by jobs at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Fundraising for a new church is successful.
  • 1956: The new church building is constructed. The bell from the old church is salvaged.
  • 1957 to present: The church building remains central to the South Colby community, as the population evolves into a bedroom community to Seattle and the congregation ages.
  • 2010 to 2011: Approaching its 125th anniversary, the congregation recommits itself to drawing new members.
  • 2014… History is continuing and will you be a part of it.....?

Colby Methodist Church is 125 years young

Kitsap County's Old Churches Colby United Methodist is one of at least a half-dozen churches that are in or beyond their 100th year.

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